Why My Husband Looks Better Than Yours

The other day I was with a few of my best friends at a company pool party. We had not seen each other for many months and my friends all commented on how good my husband looked. He had struggled through some tough times, both with family and his business, during that period of time he gained over 50 lbs and looked terrible.

When someone gains that much weight they begin to lose interest in themselves and develop poor self-esteem. I won’t even begin to mention how it affected our sex life.

Muscular man with larger jeans and tape measure

My husband began to suffer from serious health problems

My husband had just let himself go, our family doctor had put him on blood pressure medication and also had warned him he was pre-diabetic. This was not the man I married 12 years ago.

It seemed depression had gotten the best of him, it was time for him to do something to repair his health, if not we were all going to be in trouble.

What do you do when your husband becomes out of shape?

I had tried telling my husband that he needed to make lifestyle changes, yet I knew that stress was causing a lot of his health issues. If you are stressed, it can be hard to follow through with hectic lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, these are choices that everyone has to make on their own.

One day my husband finally decided to make changes

One day my husband woke up and felt light-headed, he noticed a small blood spot on the white of his eye, he made an appointment with the doctor and the result was that he had suffered from something called a (subconjunctival hemorrhage) Most of the time it is not serious, but with my husbands blood pressure out of control it was a concern.

This was the day that my husband decided it was time to make some serious lifestyle changes.

In spite of the health scare and the concern for his health problems, this made my husband realize that he had better make some healthy life changes or risk his health to more serious problems.

This is where my husband began to change his lifestyle and his transformation began.

Trying to change old habits is not an overnight process. In order for lifestyle changes to work, they should be gradual. This would be a tough challenge for him. If he wanted to live to be old enough to see his grandchildren he would have to make sacrifices.

This is how my husband began to look and feel better

Until someone makes up their own mind and decides that enough is enough, there is not much you can do. When someone decides to make major lifestyle changes this is when results happen and my husband proved it.

My husband stopped drinking

My husband was one of those guys that would come home and suck down a six pack of beer and not think twice about it. I was his daily ritual at the end of the day, this was then followed by greasy food cravings. Sometimes burgers, other times pizza, the kids loved it but was not a big fan.

If I cooked a good meal he would frown but he would eat it.

My husband did not quit drinking completely, he started cutting back on his alcohol portions, at first, he would substitute his beer cravings for a soda with dinner. After he cut back on his alcohol consumption so did his cravings for greasy (unhealthy) food.

After a few months my husband began to limit his alcohol intake to weekends, he also became more sophisticated. Instead of a six-pack of cheap beer he would buy a few microbrews and really enjoy the taste.

He now just drinks a few beers over the entire weekend, this alone has helped him lose over 50 pounds over an 8 month period.

Drinking is not the only thing he cut back on.

His cravings for pizza and greasy food have almost completely gone away, we still treat ourselves to a couple of fast food meals during the month but only on rare occasions.

My Husband began to exercise

When I met my husband he was trim and had a slightly muscular build, after 12 years of marriage and a couple of children, things changed, he stopped going to the gym completely, he had the typical beer gut and was flabby.

After all those years he started walking every day early in the mornings, once he felt he had better conditioning he joined a gym that was within just a few minutes driving distance, that was when the real transformation began and he started to look amazing.

My husband always had a passion for strength training. He now dedicates at least one hour 4 days a week at the gym, he actually enjoys it very much. He spends 45 minutes on the treadmill and 45 minutes lifting weights, not only does he look great he feels better and guess what? his blood pressure and glucose levels are back within normal ranges.

Besides eating healthy and exercising, he still felt weak and fatigued, this was just due to low testosterone levels and lingering stress from work. He has managed by taking a few different multivitamin pills and some recommended testosterone supplements which seem to help.

This is how my husband looks better and improved his health

What my husband has done has made me proud, he feels better as does the whole family. I did not go into to much detail, but someone who is struggling with stress and a poor work environment can make things difficult, it made my husband’s life miserable and because of this, the whole family suffered from it.

The one thing I can tell you is that if you find yourself in this situation its best to let them decide when enough is enough. If and when they do life will become so much better.