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Are Your Testosterone Levels Normal

Are Your Testosterone Levels Normal? Testosterone levels are something that should not be neglected by men, as men get older testosterone levels tend to drop. there should not be a big concern over this but if neglected the side effects

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Running To Lose Weight

If you are obese or you have put on excess weight and you have never been fat it can cause some severe psychological problems. I know, I was never fat, but the married life caught up with me. A sedentary

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Testosterone and Sleep

Testosterone and Sleep – Are You Getting Enough of Both? Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in men. If you don’t have enough you will encounter a series of health issues. Some of those issues are mild but

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Foods That Help Burn Fat

Foods that help burn fat, Wow! Just the thought is so exciting, isn’t it? I mean, over the years we have associated food to anything related to weight loss, so you may think how can there be foods that will help me

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Personal Benefits I Received from Strength Training

First of all, I would like to start of this latest blog by congratulating many of my friends who supported me while I struggled to get back into shape and transforming my crappy lifestyle into a healthier one. Had it

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