Personal Benefits I Received from Strength Training

First of all, I would like to start of this latest blog by congratulating many of my friends who supported me while I struggled to get back into shape and transforming my crappy lifestyle into a healthier one. Had it not been for my friends and the support from my lovely wife and kids I might not have had the success of being healthy and feeling better.

The best way to feel better is to become strong

Getting STRONG is something that should be seriously worked on if you want to be the best you and feel healthy and alive.

This is because strength is the foundation for all other athletic qualities & training to produce increases in strength will significantly improve all other qualities resulting in a STRONGER more EXPLOSIVE person.

All movement by the body can only happen when muscles contract so if these muscles are made stronger more forceful contractions can be produced and this means the harder you train, the better you feel and the stronger you become.

Just lifting what sounds like a lot of weight means nothing! I hate it when I hear people ask others what they can bench or squat etc. It is more about personal improvement and feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments.

Some of the things I love about heavy Strength training (1 to 5 rep range) are that it trains your muscles to handle heavy loads. This prevents muscles from just shutting down during critical sporting actions. The Golgi Tendon Organ is responsible for ensuring muscles don’t get injured when a heavy load is placed on the muscle.

It basically shuts down the muscle causing the muscle to stop contracting and it relaxes which is what happens when you fail on a heavy lift.

By strength training, your body gets used to tolerating higher loads meaning the muscles will not need to shut down as quickly as a weaker athlete. In the sporting arena, the shutting down of the muscles could result in a failed tackle, takedown, line break etc which is not going to lead to a dominating performance.

Well planned Strength training also tends to lead to people having fewer injuries as it will help overcome muscle imbalances caused by sports and it will strengthen the tendons and ligaments of a person.

On top of this strong muscles will recover faster than weaker ones as the injury tends to not cause as much damage compared to someone with weaker muscles and staying free from injury and remaining durable is key to long-term success.

If you want to maintain strong bones and muscles, you should definitely work on skill and technique for your sport along with developing sport-specific endurance but the importance of developing some serious Strength cannot be ignored and combined with skill and technique it will help you reach your full potential because without strength you are WEAK!

Hope you enjoyed this latest blog and it helps you become a better person feel free to comment or ask any questions about strength training. O love lifting weight and it has not only helped me become stronger physically it has helped push through many mental obstacles.

Lifting weights are more than just getting stronger, for men it helps increase muscle mass which means you burn more body fat. Not to mention you feel more alive and better about yourself and feel much better.

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