Running To Lose Weight

If you are obese or you have put on excess weight and you have never been fat it can cause some severe psychological problems.

I know, I was never fat, but the married life caught up with me. A sedentary lifestyle is not easy. Being fat can affect your confidence and even the people around you will keep on pointing at the extra fat, sometimes even make fun of you.

All this can be very embarrassing and the only way to fix the issue is to cut back on food. Unfortunately, this is much harder than it may seem.

Man Running To Lose Weight

Many people start their weight loss journey with a lot of enthusiasm only to give up quickly. If they don’t see immediate results they lose the interest and give up. So if you are planning on losing weight, you must understand the drill properly and must know the amount of time any method will take so that you don’t lose focus.

Many people look for ways to lose weight without exercising. There are many ways to do so such as reducing calories intake, eating small meals throughout the day, dieting etc. However, running is one of the best ways to not only lose weight but to improve your health.

Tips for running

Running mindlessly will not be the best way; you must know your body and get into a running regime accordingly.

Here are some tips that will be handy when running to lose weight:

  • Be hydrated. Running make your body loses water along with fats, so it is essential that you drink a good amount of water to keep your body hydrated. Lack of hydration will lead to cramps or even lead to muscular injuries. So ensure a good intake of water when you start your fitness regime. Along with water drink juices.
  •  If you plan to run for a longer period, take some carbohydrates such as banana or sports carbohydrate drinks along with you. This will help in maintaining your energy levels.
  • After returning from the run take a small meal after half an hour. Banana, cereal or wholegrain carbohydrates will be good enough.
  • Within three hours of the small meal have your normal meal. Include proteins in that meal; chicken curry, green vegetables or turkey will be ideal for this protein intake.
  • Stay away from alcohol, chocolates, and sweets while on the regime to lose weight.

It is important to plan your diet and exercise according to your body’s capacity to respond. If you have never taken up to running exercise before, it is advisable that you see your physician and plan the weight loss regime as per his or her advice.

Make sure that the running is tailored as per your current fitness level. You can get all the information on running programs online. There are programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced programs; find the one suitable for you and go ahead.

Running burns your calories and boost the body’s metabolism, so it is essential that you run regularly; at least five times a week if you are seeking best results. If you run for 40 minutes or more, your calories will burn for at least 19 hours after you have finished running.

It is important that you alternate your program. For some time go for an easy jog, and then have an intense run. On one of the days go for fast sprints with brief intervals, on another day have a long distance run when you start off slowly and gradually increase the speed. This will increase the endurance of your body.

Once or twice a week go for swimming or cycling. Swimming and cycling along with running are the best exercises for weight loss and moreover, they will strengthen different muscles of your body. So if you indulge in cross training, you will gain complete fitness over a period of time and it will avoid monotony to keep you interested.

Clothes for running

Make sure that you get the right apparels when you are running to lose weight. Get a good pair of running shoes, make sure that you have the required knowledge about running shoes or seek expert advice. Shoes are the most important apparels for running. Get good running sports t-shirts and shorts.

Man running in suit

A sports watch is also essential so that you can time your run as per the plan for the day. Don’t forget the calorie calculator; it will help you in tracking the calories you burn every day. This will also encourage you to keep going.

One of the biggest mistake people do is reduce the intake of food when losing weight. This is completely wrong, especially when you do exercises like running or swimming. It will lead to a burnout and soon you will stop the exercise.

Think like a sports person when running for weight loss. Follow the diet of an athlete and you will be alright. Running for weight loss is one of the best ways to burn fats and regain fitness.

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